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Self Serve Catering Menu 

The following prices are food only. They do not include staff, linens, paper products or drinks. If you are wanting full service catering which includes staff, linens, drinks and full china service please inform us and we can send our details on full service! With self serve menu options you can also bring in outside food (with full service outside food is NOT allowed) 

If you do not want the hassle of paper products and drinks, we can help with that as well!

We are also adding to our menu so if you do not see something please ask! Special Request? We will try to make it happen!

Pan of Pasta 

Full Pan                                  $32.00
Approximately 30 servings

Boneless Breaded Chicken

40 pieces                               $78.00
16 pieces                                $37.00

Tip: Pairs great with pasta to give an option of chicken parmesan.
Serving Hint: Cut the pieces in half to serve more

Fried Chicken

24 piece                                    $28.00
48 piece                                    $50.00
100 piece                                  $95.00


45 cents each
(Recommend 2-3 per person)

Fresh Garden Salad 

Serves up to 35                      $35.00
Includes Ranch & Italian Dressing

Potato Salad 

$5.00 /lb

Macaroni Salad 


Pasta Salad 


Mashed Potatoes 

1/2 Pan                                    $24.00
Full Pan                                   $46.00

Green Beans 

1/2 Pan                                    $24.00
Full Pan                                   $46.00

White Cheddar Mac & Cheese 

1/2 Pan                                    $35.00
Full Pan                                   $70.00

Servings for Side Dishes
1/2 Pan serves up to 30
Full Pan serves up to 60











**Prices Subject to change

Fruit Tray 

Small (8-10 servings)                      $30.00
Medium (15-18 servings)                $40.00
Large (25-30 servings)                  $60.00

Veggie Tray 

Small (8-10 servings)                      $20.00
Medium (15-18 servings)                $30.00
Large (25-30 servings)                  $40.00

Sandwich Tray 

Can be done with any number of sandwiches and in a variety of options!
Ham Salad & Chicken Salad Mini Croissants
Turkey, Ham & Roast Beef with Cheese on Mini Ciabattas
(Minimun 1 dozen)
$1.50 each mini

Meat  & Cheese Tray 

Small (serves up to 20)                       $45.00
Large (serves up to 30)                       $60.00
Includes a variety of cubed cheese, salami and pepperoni

Cheese & Cracker Tray

Small (serves up to 20)                       $40.00
Large (serves up to 30)                       $55.00
Includes a variety of cubed cheeses and crackers.

NOTE: Tray normally serve more then suggested amount if you are using as an appetizer and offering additional food.


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